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Welcome Guildies!

Feel free to explore the website and wander its mostly empty pages in an attempt to find some form of entertainment that is worth turning away from wow. Oh? you just have wow tabbed and are on a long flight path? Thank god I was about to demand you go back to lvling.

Post Stuff! If you don't no one will and I'll blame you.

Please make use of the topics forum and personalize a profile and stuff. Our calendar will be up and running as soon as my minions have gotten to it. Check out the forums and make yourself at home :) If you have any questions post stuff! Got new Gear and want to show everyone how neat you are? Do It!

What to expect:

This will be where raiding plans are made and stuff is set up. A gathering place for discussions on bosses, dissecting what went wrong the last time and coming up with a new plan. Guild contests and rules will be posted here along with times and any extra info you need to know. The Wow calendar wills till have reminders and be used but most of the information will be found here. Any suggestions or crap that you need to get off your chest, please utilize the forums or blog.

~your almighty leader
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Jaedenari, May 17, 11 1:03 PM.
Grats to our new recruits! Keep up the good work! Without you guys, we'd be an empty guild with nothing to complain about ^_^
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Gnomeregan (PvE)
We're recruiting friendly people, who want to play the game and hit 85. Doesn't matter the lvl or the class. Let's get to it people!!
Earned "One of us..." 6/19/2011 4:10 PM
Jaedenari (PoKe)
Earned "Getting Involved" 5/17/2011 11:02 PM
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Earned "Getting Involved" 5/17/2011 4:43 PM
Jaedenari (PoKe)
Earned "One of us..." 5/17/2011 3:10 PM
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